I want to let you know how accurate your readings are, and how important they are for me in affirming my own life choices and decisions etc. It's just wonderful to have this opportunity to receive your guidance through the tarot. Best wishes from L (UAE)  
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Thanks for the answers - made me smile!!! Whether anything happens between me Libra or some other hunk it was still a coincidence that Libra showed its head. Any hunk would be nice after this time. Fingers crossed and all that. Blessings L(UK). Thank you for the reply Pisces is me so yeah big significance. Look forward to the changes, I'll hang on in there. Blessed be T (UK). Thanx Soraya, Change would be good right now. Completely answered my question. BB T(NZ). Just giving feedback it was great news, a bill had been quashed, a big relief and unexpected. Thanx Soraya)  

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