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Dear Soraya

Dear Soraya,
My husband and I are moving abroad next year when we retire. It’s something we’ve always talked about but now the time is getting closer, I’m beginning to have second thoughts. My husband pooh-poohs my fears and tells me I’ll be fine once we’re there. I’d love to know what my long-term horoscope says.

Dear Follower
It’s difficult to advise you when you don’t actually say why you are having second thoughts or what these second thoughts are but I have had a look at your chart travel features highly over many aspects in your life. You can either go along with this plan, or you can discuss your fears and tell your partner exactly what you are worried about and why. It is a big decision to make and it is one that you should both be comfortable about.

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Books by Soraya

Fran and Sam Wow !!! Isn't soraya spot on!;) thank you Soraya! xx - - - Katy helped very much Just the boost I needed. Thank you x  

Review of The Wooden Rose (a novel)
Soraya's latest book, The Wooden Rose, is absolutely FABULOUS. I am not giving anything away but it is so full of descriptive detail that the reader gets totally lost in it. A book that when you pick up you just won't be able to put down again. Now we just need you to continue with some more wonderful novels Soraya. From Lynne

Soraya I'm half way through your new book and loving it I can't put it down x

A review of Spells & Psychic Powers
"I enjoyed reading this book and it gave me a lot of enjoyment. I especially liked reading about my star sign-Aquarius! I also casted a friendship spell that actually worked. I also thought the tarot and meanings of objects were brilliant. For example, an alligator could mean a dangerous enemy, which was a weird coincidence, because in a Simpsons episode where Bart was supposed to be murdered by a dangerous enemy, there was an alligator, that kept trying to bite him.
Brilliant book!"

A review of Book of Spells
"Saturday as I was wandering around the local indoor market, I headed for the book stall that I found myself drawn to, having suddenly recently had a strong urge to look for/at books. Right there staring at me, the 1st book I saw was you Book Of Spells. I was impelled to buy it, and having done so, I read it cover to cover inside a day!!
I have always been drawn to Wicca but somehow never found the time (I have 2 young boys and was a single parent, and a full time job!) but the urge upon reading this book was so strong, I am sure that I am meant to look into it more.
So many things struck a chord...."

A review of Book of Runes
"I was given this book as a gift; normally I would open a new book right at the beginning but for some reason I opened it somewhere in the middle and to my amazement the Rune on that page answered a question that had been troubling me. Always the cynic I put it to the test and thought of a question and opened another page. To my amazement my question was answered. If that wasnt enough I found this book to be a wonder guide to using the Runes and the stories helped me to remember and understand what each rune meant. A great book!"

A review of Book of Tarot
"This book is an inspiring introduction to the intriguing world of divination by means of the Tarot deck - used for centuries by people of all walks of life for guidance and answers. The exact origin of the Tarot cards is unknown and this makes their power even more mysterious - a power to be treated with respect. This accessible and friendly guide advises careful and thoughtful consultation of the cards in a responsible way".