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Ritual Grains, prepared under the light of the moon are hand blended by Soraya using the finest granules, herbs and spices. 28 grams £4.50 plus P&P (UK)

Incense grains for the Full Moon - Imbolc -Ostara - Beltane - Litha - Lammas - Mabon - Samhain - Yule - Banishing - Break a Curse - Break a Spell - Cleansing - Protection - Beauty - Handfasting - Love - Passion - Healing - Fertility - Forgiveness - Confidence -Remembrance - and Spells Booster Grains  

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Magickal Grains

The Witches Web Magickal Grains come in a 28grams blend which are made by Soraya using the finest appropriate incense granules, herbs and spices. You can also buy raw grains in to create your own magickal blends, just email your requirements to me or choose from the prepared blends below.

If you are not familiar with the procedure for performing a ritual or how to use grains, Soraya will be happy to send you instructions by email.

Each pack costs £4.50 plus P&P and contains an original verse to recite during your ritual. Just click on the grains of your choice -
Only available to purchase in the UK

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Sabbat and Esbat Grains
£4.50 plus P&P
Sabbat and Esbat
Banishing and Protection Grains
£4.50 plus P&P
Banishing and Protection
Business Property and Legal Grains
£4.50 plus P&P
Business and Legal
Healing and Fertility Grains
£4.50 plus P&P
Healing and Fertility
Love Fertility and Beauty
£4.50 plus P&P
Love and Beauty

Boost any of your spells
by adding just a pinch of
Spell Booster
£4.50 plus P&P

Spell Booster



10mls as priced plus £1 P&P (UK only please)

These 100% pure essential oils (10mils) can be used for your magickal workings and can be empowered with Reiki Violet Breath on request.

Pure Esential Oils from The Witches Web

Aniseed Essential Oil:- Pimpinella anisum £2.99
Apricot Kernel Carrier 100mls £3.10
Basil Essential Oil:- Ocimum basilicum £5.90
Bergamot Essential Oil:- Citrus bergamia £3.50
Black Pepper Essential Oil:- Piper nigrum  £9.80
Camphor Essential Oil:- Cinnamomum camphora  £2.50
Cedarwood Essential Oil:- Juniperus virginiana  £2.50
Chamomile Roman Essential Oil:- Anthemis nobilis  £20.00
Cinnamon Essential Oil:- Cinnamomum zeylanicum  £4.20
Citronella Essential Oil:- Cymbopogon nardus £2.90
Clary Sage Essential Oil:- Salvia sclarea £6.20
Clove Essential Oil Species:- Syzygium aromaticum  £3.10
Eucalyptus Essential Oil:- Eucalyptus globulus  £2.70
Frankincense Essential Oil:- Boswellia thurifera £7.90
Geranium Essential Oil:- Pelargonium graveolens  £6.10
Ginger Essential Oil:- Zingiber officinalis £3.90
Lavender Essential Oil:- Lavandula angustifolia  £3.10
Lemon Essential Oil:- Citrus limonum  £3.10
Lemongrass Essential Oil:- Cymbopogon citratus  £2.90
Lime Essential Oil:-  Citrus aurantifolia  £2.70
Mandarin Essential Oil:- Citrus reticulata  £3.10
Marjoram Essential Oil:- Origanum marjorana £4.90
Myrrh Essential Oil:- Commiphora myrrha  £9.10
Neroli Light Essential Oil:-  Citrus aurantium £4.20
Niaouli Essential Oil:- Melaleuca viridiflora  £2.70
Nutmeg Essential Oil:- Myristica fragrans  £6.10
Orange Essential Oil:- Citrus sinensis £2.50
Patchouli Essential Oil:- Pogostemon cablin  £5.90
Peppermint Essential Oil:- Mentha piperita £2.90
Petitgrain Essential Oil:- Citrus aurantium Var.aurantium  £2.99
Pine Essential Oil:- Pinus sylvestris  £2.90
Rosemary Essential Oil:- Rosmarinus officinalis £3.10
Rosewood Essential Oil:- Aniba rosaedora £4.90
Sage Essential Oil:- Salvia Lavendulifolia  £4.10
Sandalwood Amyris Essential Oil:- Amyris balsamifera  £4.20
Tangerine Essential Oil:- Citrus reticulata  £2.70
Tea Tree Essential Oil:- Melaleuca alternifolia £3.10
Thyme Essential Oil:-Thymus vulgaris  £2.99
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil:- Cananga odorata Comores  £5.10