Casting a Circlee

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There are many different ways to prepare and cast your circle and it is important that what you do suits you so don't be afraid to follow your instincts or choices - I have suggested an outline below but you can do what you prefer.

Working Outside

In traditional circle casting, a broom would be used to sweep round the circle to clean it and then the broom would be used to measure the circle. If you would like to try this, then lay the broom on its side with the bristles to the centre of the circle. Place one stone at the bristle end and another at the spot where the end of the handle rests. Moving to the opposite end of the circle and repeating this process would give the diameter.
This process would be repeated twice more just like quartering a giant cake. This circle would now have four quarters. The first quarter is the east where the sun rises, the second quarter is south, the third quarter is west where the sun sets and the fourth quarter is north. You can now place stones in the spaces between your quarter stones and there you have it, your own circle.

Working Inside

Once you have decided which room you are going to work in clean it thoroughly as though you were expecting guests. Gather all the items that you want to use - Tall (dinner) Candles & holders, 4 small T-Lite candles, matches, salt, water, an Athame or wand, small dishes for water, salt and anointing oil if you are using it.

Preparing Yourself

You should also prepare yourself and you do this as you would for any other important event in your life. You can start with a warm bath with essential oils to prepare your mood. My favourites for any kind of spiritual work are marjoram and frankincense. A nice way to prepare is to lay out the clothes that you have decided to wear and any jewellery that has special meaning to you.
Place four small T-Lite candles at each corner of your bath and light them starting with the candle at the front left edge of your bath. Then light the furthest left, the furthest right and the front right candle last. Turn the water on to fill your bath and as the water is running add a few drops of your favourite oil.
Next take some Sea or Rock salt and beginning at the left of your bath sprinkle the salt into the water in a figure eight. When the temperature of the water is a you like it, place some of your favourite crystals into the water, turn out the bathroom lights and step into your bath. While you are lying there go over in your mind those tasks that which you are about to perform in your circle.
Focus your attention on the energies of the salt the water and the crystals and feel these energies cleansing and purifying your mind and body and spirit. Finish with a short meditation of your choice.
When you are ready step out of the bath and then remove the plug and allow the water to drain away. As the water drains away it will remove any negative energy. Do not remove the plug before you are out of the bath or you will drain away all the good energy that you have invoked into your body. When you are finished rinse your crystals in clean water. They can be used in your circle or kept ready for your next preparation bath.


Casting your first Circle

When you have gathered together all the items that you are going to use and you have prepared yourself and your surroundings you may move on to the next step. Four small white candles, should be placed at each corner of your room and this should be done starting at the East, (element of air) then the South (element of fire) then the West, (element of water) and then the North (element of earth).
If you are unsure of the directions and do not have a compass, then remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If you are still unsure, then place your East candle to your left as you enter your room.
Various rituals and spells are listed on this site and suggestion are made for items that would be useful for specific spell casting -
Just use them as a guide and use what you have It is more important that your mind is focused on your intention and that your intention is honourable and does not interfere with another person’s will. Your thoughts must be pure and sincere and your wishes should be for positive reasons rather than negative ones. You must remember that whatever you put out will come back to you 3 fold.
Sit or kneel comfortably in front of your table or altar. Close your eyes and breath in picturing positive white light energy filling your body. As you breath out, breath away all negative energy. After some minutes, you will feel all tension flowing away from your mind and body.
Allow pure light energy to flow into and through your entire body filling your sacred space, filling your room.

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