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Magickal Grains hand blended By Soraya
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Hand Blended Magickal Grains by White Witch Soraya

Here is a spell crafted for you
So that your wishes may come true
Created by the light of the moon
burn the contents, results will come soon

These Ritual grains have been hand blended by Soraya using the finest herbs grains and spices suitable for your magickal purposes and rituals.
Made under the correct Moon phase, they have been proving for more than a year so only a tiny pinch is required to add to your charcoal disc.

Full instructions are enclosed and come complete with an appropriate ritual verse, however you may adapt the verse to suit yourself or use your own verse and method. Each pouch contains 20gms of grains plus one charcoal disc to get you started

This is a good blend to banish negativity in situations or places. This should be used when the moon is waning

Give yourself a boost with this perfect blend is the one to use for your glamourising ritual
Booster Blend
Need a spell in a hurry then this is the blend to add to existing powders or grains to boost your intent
Break a Curse
A powerful blend to break that curse and send it back to wherever it came from.
Aid your healing rituals with this sweet sensitive healing blend
This is the blend to bring love into your life – remember do not wish for another specific person
Never wish for wealth as it may come in a manner that you would not like but you can use this blend to boost your prosperity
Protect your loved ones, home, belongings or family with this blend
Psychic Powers
Blend a calming entrancing blend to stimulate and empower your psychic ability
Full Moon Esbat
This is the perfect blend to use during the full of the moon rituals.
A perfect deep scented blend to remember and welcome communication with our loved ones who have crossed over.
Celebrate the birth of the new king with this magickal blend of spices, herbs and grains, evoke memories and instil joy.
Welcome back the light and prepare for Spring with this blend of grains
Celebrate the arrival of spring with this delightful blend of grains.
This is a sensuous blend, perfect for love and fertility during the celebration of Beltane
A strong joyous blend full of purpose and power
A pensive blend to focus our minds on the ever turning wheel of the year
Filled with scents and spices this is a perfect blend for thanksgiving
Holiday Alternative Name Southern Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere Purpose
Samhain Halloween 1st May 31st October A time for remembrance of those who have passed 
Yule Winter Solstice 21st June 21st December Celebration of winters end sharing with family and friends 
imbolc Candlemas 1st August 2nd February Self dedication -purification and  renewing promises
Ostara Spring Equinox 21st September 21st March Fertility growth rebirth and recovery 
Beltane May Day 31st October 1st May Passion vitality fertility and power
Litha Summer Solstice 21st December 21st June Planning, developing, fertility and growth  
Lammas Lughnasadh 2nd February 1st August Gratitude, respect, growth, abundance, and prosperity
Mabon Autumn Equinox 21st March 21st September Gratitude preparation, saving and reflection

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