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Prediction Books by Soraya
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Prediction Books by White Witch and Best Selling Author Soraya Soraya, White Witch and Best Selling Author
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Enhance your Psychic Powers by best se4lling author and white witch Soraya

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If you have been drawn to this book, then you have probably had experiences that lead you to believe that you might be even the tiniest bit psychic, but psychic powers need practice and calm to be developed. Soraya explains the importance of relaxation and how to use meditation, and opening the Chakras to create a calm state of receptiveness and positive energy. The book gives exercises in divination using various methods that include many forms such as tarot, clouds, fortune cookies, handwriting, numbers, ancient wisdom, and also the zodiac. Appendices include sections of interpretations such as animals, birds, trees and flowers, crystals and numbers.

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Book of Runes by Best selling Author and White Witch Soraya

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Soraya has found that the runes, time and time again, are the most accurate of all the esoteric disciplines. Each of the 25 ancient symbols tells its own centuries-old story and in this book, Soraya gives a background to the origin of the mystic alphabet and explains how to find and use your own runes.
Soraya tells a story to describe the meaning of each rune and these stories help you to understand the meanings and how to read them for divination.
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Bok of Tarot by Soraya #1 International Psychic White Witch and Best selling Author Soraya

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This book of Tarot by Soraya is an inspiring introduction to the intriguing world of divination using Tarot cards. For centuries people of all walks of life have used Tarot cards for guidance and answers. Soraya guides you in the reading of the Tarot, from the initial purchase of your cards and their storage, to reading for other people.
Every card in the deck has a helpful guide to its interpretation, and there is an invaluable explanation of the significance of each card in every position of the Horoscope spread, which is Soraya's favourite Tarot card spread.
Soraya's own unique designs are based on traditional Tarot symbolism and are illustrated by her husband Martin Conway.

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EBook & Paperback

Tarot in Colour, a companion to Soraya's Book of Tarot

This book of Tarot images, illustrated by Martin Conway, has been produced to accompany Soraya ’s original book of Tarot.
Soraya’s first Book of Tarot contains a variety of spreads and explanations, useful while you are learning how to use Tarot cards, however the black and white images were small.
In this book, Tarot in Colour, a short paragraph accompanies each image, which will stimulate your instincts and help you to understand and immerse yourself in the Journey of Tarot.

EBook & Paperback

Magickal Rune Vibrations in your Name

Each name has a vibration which we recognise when that name is seen or spoken. We cannot see the vibration, we just feel that we like or do not like it. If we like a particular name or word it is because our vibration aligns with it.
Runes have vibrations too and I have calculated the runic vibrations that marry to male and female names, for example, to write Soraya, I would use the following Runes,
Sigel, Othel, Rado, Ansur, Yr, and Ansur and this gives my name the vibration of success.
You can use these interpretations to spell your name and bring additional qualities or benefits to your life, for your career, your profession, or to your relationships. The magickal vibration in the Runes can bestow you with many blessings.
No, I am not giving anything away, if you want to know how I calculated these vibrations then look for the clues, it’s all here, all you have to do is get to know the runes and the sounds they make and you can begin your voyage of discovery.

EBook & Paperback 

Psychic Guidance: From an International Psychic

This book is the next best thing to having a private consultation with the top International Psychic Soraya. Just think of a question and open at a random page and there you will find your answer.
Sometimes we know exact ley what to do in any given situation but at other times we need some guidance. This book of Psychic Guidance provides the key and helps us to make decisions or choices.
This is not a book to "Read once and put away". This is a book that will help you when you need it.

EBook & Paperback  

Best Names and Numerology: Don't give your child a name, give a meaningful name

Some say it’s all in the name, but it’s all in the numbers too...
Every sound resonates to a specific vibration which creates an impression,
pleasant or otherwise. By using numerology we can decipher these vibrations and choose an appropriate name for ourselves, our children, or for any given time of the year.
We can choose the best name for a baby, the best nickname, the best day for a job interview, for a wedding, or a christening by using numerology.
This knowledge will help you to find the positive and negative influences, and to look at making changes where they may be necessary.
How you spell a name matters, change the spelling and you change the vibration.
This book contains easy to understand instructions, and almost four thousand boys and girls names showing the influences and characteristics that their names are bestowed with and if you are not familiar with numerology, this book will help you to begin your journey of discovery.