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Reiki Training Books by
Soraya, Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher (Retired)
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Reiki Traininf Manuals by Master Teacher and best selling author Soraya Reiki Master Teacher Soraya

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EBook & Paperback

Usui Tibetan Reiki Teacher's Training Manual

This is a traditional Usui Tibetan Reiki Training manual that complies with today's expected standards of education compiled by Reiki Master Teacher Soraya from her Lightworkers Foundation Reiki Training Manuals which were credit rated to Graduate Level by The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).
This comprehensive guide will show the student what to expect from 1st Degree Reiki through to Master Teacher Level, and is a must for the Reiki Master Teacher who wishes to teach to todays modern standards and run a successful Reiki Training Business.
With easy to follow instructions, this manual provides you with detailed information, illustrated hand positions, Reiki Symbols, the Antahkarana, #hakras, Meditation, Sample Case Studies, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Reiki with other Therapies. This Reiki Training manual includes information on preparing and running Reiki courses, Sharing Days, setting up your website and preparing and storing your files on a PC. It's an absolute must for Master Teachers.

EBook & Paperback

1st Degree Usui Tibetan Reiki Manual

Offer your student a professional First Degree Reiki Manual. This instruction manual, whilst adhering to traditional Mikao Usui Reiki principles, also conforms to today's modern professional teaching methods previously approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority to graduate level, and will serve as a reminder of all the information that students require. This provides a strong foundation for Students beginning their Reiki journey.
For the 1st Degree Reiki Student;
The First Degree Reiki Manual provides you, as a student, with everything that you need to refresh the knowledge gained during your Reiki course to help you to practice this healing discipline for the 'Highest Good' and for yourself. You can revise and understand; What Reiki is - The History of Reiki - Reiki Principles Usui / Reiki Principles Takata - The Reiki Lineage - The 21 Day Cleanse - The Aura or Energy Field - Your Energy Force / Your Sacred Space - Understanding the #hakras - Chakra Sounds - Meditation and Affirmations - Hand Positions - Reiki levels from 1st Degree / 2nd Degree / 3rd Degree (Master) and / Master Teacher.

EBook & Paperback

2nd Degree Usui Tibetan Reiki Manual

Offer your student a professional Second Degree Reiki Manual on completion of the 2nd Degree Reiki Course. This instruction manual, continues to adhere to traditional Mikao Usui Reiki principles, whilst conforming to today's modern professional teaching methods previously approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. The 2nd Degree Manual will help students to gain confidence in their ability providing a strong foundation for Students continuing their Reiki journey. For the 2nd Degree Reiki Student;This Reiki Manual provides you, as a student, with information which should encourage you to offer Reiki on a professional basis as a stand alone therapy or coupled with a therapy that you may already be proficient in. Here you can revise and understand; Aspects of the 2nd Degree Level, Your future development, Using Reiki with other therapies, Starting your own therapy Business whether you are working from home/ working from your own salon/ Renting Salon space/ or working for a corporate company. Setting up your business is just part of the information provided. You can revise the use of Symbolism, various Healing Methods, and for those of you who enjoy the power and energy of Crystals there is a comprehensive list of crystals indexed so that you can search by crystal or search by condition that you are working with. This manual is a must for those who wish to work at the 2nd degree Reiki level to their fullest potential.